2016 Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner

Please plan on joining us for our annual Hudson Pride Foundation Scholarship Awards Dinner on Sunday, July 31st at Cafe Le Perche, 230 Warren St. Hudson, NY from 5-7pm. 

This is a free event with a $20 suggested donation to help cover the cost of the event and support our efforts to continue our scholarship program. 

Kindly RSVP prior to the event by sending an email to martha@hudsonpridefoundation.org.

Please visit our scholarship page to learn about this years recipients. 


Hudson Pride Foundation Announces New Partnership

In an effort to provide services and resources to the growing LGBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer) elder population in Columbia County, the Hudson Pride Foundation Board of Directors has announced a collaboration with the City of Hudson’s Office of the Aging Commissioner, Amanda Henry. Similarly, as part of this effort to support this population segment, the Foundation also announced its intent to partner with SAGE, the Service & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders organization. It is the goal of HPF to become a SAGE Affiliate and join several dozen other active and vibrant nationwide affiliates.

The Foundation is quick to point out that its original mission–encouraging and supporting high school students in their efforts to achieve–will not change. HPF donates $4,000 annually to Columbia County students (four $1,000 scholarships awarded to freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students, respectively) and to date, the Foundation has awarded $18,000 in scholarships to those who have demonstrated a real commitment to promoting and supporting LGBTQ equal rights. Applications for scholarship for 2016 are due on June 1st and can be found online here.

Moving forward, the Foundation will continue to work with highly effective partners (including The Hetrick Martin Institute in Manhattan and the Pride Center Of The Capital Region in Albany) to broaden the reach into local schools to provide rich, in-depth LGBTQ Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility training for teachers and staff.

Last week, the Foundation was honored for its good works at the Hudson Valley LGTBQ Community Center’s 2016 Gala. Accepting the award for the Foundation, Executive Director Martha Harvey said the group was honored to be recognized among the many LGBTQ organizations in area, noting that while HPF’s core mission has not changed, the overall strategy has matured and that continued community support, recognition and donations are vital to current and future operations.

The Hudson Pride Foundation is run by a volunteer board. Its success depends entirely on generous donations made by local businesses and individuals. For the past six years, the Foundation has organized the annual Hudson Pride parade and festival (along with producing The Little Apple resource guide since 2012). While it looks forward to regrouping around these endeavors in the near future, board members say the Foundation is taking a break this year, as it needs an infusion of energy from new participants who wish to be shareholders in these events and activities. Those interested in volunteering time and skills for the ongoing Speaker Series, Educational Symposium and Elder Outreach should contact Martha Harvey

A Musical Revue Written and Performed by Sarah S. Kilborne

The Lavender Blues is a showcase of queer music before World War II. It is music history. It is queer history. It is women's history. It is entertainment. It is life.

"Girls were girls and boys were boys when I was a tot. Now we don't know who is who or even what's what!" (Gwen Farrar, 1926)

With The Lavender Blues, modern cabaret performer Sarah Kilborne brings to light for the first time the quiet, yet powerful emergence between the world wars of songs that spoke about what it was like to be gay or "in the life."

Our 2015 Scholarship Winners


Movie Screening


2014 Educational Symposium
Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment

Every spring for the last 3 years, the Hudson Pride Foundation offers an Educational Symposium to engage with Columbia County school districts. This event was created as a way to connect with local educators and administrators, to shine a light on key issues that impact LGBT students. Over the years, the focus has been on the ongoing bullying problem that most schools face. We strive to work together to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity .

We had a full house this year, with over 30 teachers and administrators in attendance. Our very special guest presenter was Mr. Thomas Krever, CEO of the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the nations oldest and largest organization committed to supporting, advocating for, and mentoring LGBT youth ages 13 - 24. Located in Manhattan, HMI works with thousands of kids & their families each year. Thomas has been leading HMI since 2003, and prior to that, he spent 2 decades working in gang intervention in cities all over the U.S. His relentless commitment to advocating for and speaking out on behalf of LGBT youth made the event very dynamic. He lead an open, interactive workshop, providing specific strategies for teachers & administrators to use in their schools.

A link to the presentation has been provided. Feel free to use this tool to help create a safe and inclusive environment in your school. For more information on HMI visit www.hmi.org.

Hudson Pride Foundation first ever Musical Workshop held at the Hudson Opera House

The Hudson Pride Foundation held it's very first ever Musical Workshop on Saturday, February 22nd at the Hudson Opera House. Friend of HPF and local Hudson resident, and musician,Tommy Stinson led the group of over 35 participants. Most were young kids with their parents, but there were a few high school aged teens in a the group as well.

The message was simple; "Be you for you, and no one else", said Stinson. The second message was simple too - play music and have fun! The theme of the event was centered around bullying. Stinson told the crowd about being bullied as a kid himself and reminded them to always speak-up if someone is bullying them and to never stop believing in themselves and never try to be someone you are not. "Be you for you".

Peter Tenerowicz with Operation Unite graciously provided the group with percussion instruments and led the group in several impromptu rhythmic collaborations. "Kids start off not wanted to play because they are afraid someone will make fun of them. Then they start to play and realize that is not happening", explained Peter. "From there they gain confidence in expressing themselves through music and that confidence starts to permeate other aspects of their lives."

Music really is the great equalizer.

It was a really fun day!

Family Bowling: December 8, 2013

Hudson Pride Foundation Board Members at Family Bowling that was held at Chatham Bowl.
Harry Laughlin, Rob Bujan, Jamie Trachtenberg, Martha Harvey, Holly Northrop, Rich Volo and front: Tiffany Martin Hamilton

Girlgantua's Drag Race raised $700 for the Hudson Pride Foundation!

On Thursday, Oct 31, 2013, about a dozen participants and a hundred on-lookers participated in the first Drag Race around 7th Street Park in Hudson.

Presenting the check to the Foundation at the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.
(L-R) HPF President Rich Volo (AKA Trixie), 
Dana Lennon and Justin Weaver (AKA Girlgantua) 

Performers needed to wear at least 3 inch heels or platforms and some sort of drag attire. Small donations of $25-50 were raised by Justin Weaver, aka Girlgantua and Dee Lenn.A donation of $900 was also raised for Hudson's Moose Lodge, a supporter in the Hudson Pride Parade.

Annual Volunteer Thank You Dinner & Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Volunteers, Supporters & Scholarship Winners gather for a fun-filled evening at Club Helsinki Hudson

Hudson Pride Foundation 2013 Board of Directors and Award Winners
(L-R) Jamie Trachtenberg, Harry Laughlin, Brittany Thibeault, Rob Bujan, Rich Volo, Martha Harvey, Holly Northrop, Nick Ganey. Front: Lauren Borosky and Rachael Seider.

Lauren Borosky

Charlie Ferrusi

Hudson, NY 8/3/13 – The annual Hudson Pride Foundation Pride Season Thank You Dinner and Scholarship Awards Ceremony was a wonderful celebration. Over 100 Hudson Pride volunteers, supporters, friends & family attended the event on Friday, August 2nd at the beautiful upper level party space at Club Helsinki.. 

This is the Foundation's way of thanking all those that helped make pride weekend a huge success. It was also an opportunity to see how all of their hard work paid off, as 4 Columbia County students were awarded $1,000 scholarships. Combining the 2 events into one big party turned out to be a winning recipe! 

The 2013 HPF scholarship winners are Charlie Ferruci, Rachael Seider, Lauren Borosky, and Nick Ganey. We at the Hudson Pride Foundation are very proud of our 2013 scholarship winners & know that they will have a great school year.

Nick Ganey

Rachael Seider
TD Bank