Thank you for joining us for our Community Forum on Equality, Solidarity & the Future of Columbia County. The fight is just beginning. Moving forward, we must continue to resist and hold our elected officials accountable. Together, we can preserve the progress we have made and push back against any attempts to harm our healthcare, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ people, women’s reproductive health, the environment, people living with HIV/AIDS, communities of color, Muslims, people with disabilities, and so many more communities.

Here are local ways to get involved with progressive efforts:

· Visit and get involved with our local Democratic Party. Please visit Columbia County Democrats (, and select your region.

· Connect with our local groups who are putting the Indivisible Guide into action. Join them in their effort to resist the Trump agenda here in District 19. Find the contact information for local groups (

· Engage on social media, and join Facebook groups for news and updates about local actions. Search on Facebook: Listen to us, John Faso; Progressive Alliance of Columbia County; Columbia County NY Democrats.

· Support our local non-profit social justice organizations. Attend an event, send a donation, and/or volunteer.

· Contact our elected officials. Support our local Democratic leaders in Columbia County, as well as Assemblywoman Didi Barrett. Continue to put pressure on Senator Marchione and Congressman Faso. Email, call, send letters, and most importantly show up at their district offices and events to make your voice heard.

Please connect with the Hudson Pride Foundation on Facebook or through our website (, and contact us ( if you would like get involved with future efforts.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment!

In solidarity,

Hudson Pride Foundation