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Mission Statement

The Hudson Pride Foundation strives to provide education, resources and support to empower and serve LGBTQ persons and their allies across Columbia County.

Through collaboration, and outreach, HPF builds a community that celebrates diversity inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Board of Directors


Holly is a Co-Founder of the Hudson Pride Foundation. Her reasons for helping start the foundation were founded in the excitement and joy of making a difference within the community. Holly has been the Foundations sole graphic designer and if you happen to notice something amiss on this website please send her an email.

Moving with her wife Martha to Hudson NY from Jersey City in 2006 was an interesting transition for the both of them but she is very glad they made the move to upstate. Hudson is a lovely place to live.

Holly's work can be seen on all things social. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, tumblr and flickr.


Harry is a Co-Founder of the Hudson Pride Foundation. Harry was born & raised in New Jersey and lived in New York City for close to 15 years before settling down in Hudson, NY in May of 2006. While in New York City, Harry became active in community issues and was elected President of the Tudor City Neighborhood Association for 4 years.

During that same period, Harry was appointed by the Manhattan Borough President to serve on Community Board 5 to address community issues. Harry is also one of the original founders of the Foundation. Harry is also on the board as Treasurer of Hudson River Classics (HRC) Showcase Theatre since July 2015


Jamie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, clinical supervisor and psychotherapist working in hospice and palliative care. She practices in NYC and Hudson. Jamie works with adolescents and adults, with a specialty in LGBTQ issues and end of life. Her professional affiliations include NASW, HYPCANYS, SWPHNand ADEC

By day, Jamie is a Hospice Social Worker in Brooklyn. By night, she sees clients in her private practice working with adolescents and adults for individual and couples therapy with an emphasis on LGBTQ issues, Chronic Illness, End of Life, Grief and Depression.

Jamie Trachtenberg became involved with the Hudson Pride Foundation as a volunteer in 2011 and has been a sitting board member since 2012. Motivated to become part of the HPF after chaperoning the Foundation’s first youth focused roller skating event, Jamie found a sense of community, both that of the LGBTQ youth and in Hudson. This has been a driving force in her commitment to the HPF. Jamie is committed to helping the Foundation to broaden its reach to LGBTQ seniors in Hudson and Columbia County, developing programming, consulting and collaborating with area partners and advising in key areas such as end-of-life issues, advanced planning, and elder support. She is one of the HPF’s liaison to the Hudson City School District and has consulted and advised the HCSD on anti-bullying and gender non-conforming youth issues.


Russ was born and raised in New Jersey. Russ went to an all-boys prep school (a little tough for a gay guy), college in VA and after school, went to work in retail for 25+ years. He came out to his parents at the relatively late age of 27. Three years later he met his husband, Duncan.

They both grew tired of living in NYC after so many years and decided to move to Hudson NY full time. Duncan kept his job with Walt Disney while Russ took on several jobs locally until they both decided to open The Croff House Bed and Breakfast in 2009. Then in 2013, they opened The Barlow.

Both Russ and Duncan have a strong sense of giving back to the community and are happy to provide funding for two of the HPF scholarships. Russ is honored to be part of the Board of Directors and the board will benefit immensely with his business knowledge and personal skills. Russ joined the board in 2016.


Martha Harvey is a Co-Founder of the Hudson Pride Foundation and was the organization’s Executive Director from 2010-2016. Martha entered the non-profit world after spending 30 years in the private sector in a number of different areas including marketing, communications, and HR. Martha relocated to the NY area in 2000 and has lived in Hudson since 2006. Martha has a BS in Psychology from the Univ. of Pittsburgh and an iMBA certificate from Wharton Business School.

Martha is currently the Executive Director/CEO of the Pride Center of the Capital Region, is a member of the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and the Police Commissioner of the City of Hudson, NY

The Hudson Pride Foundation is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. The Hudson Pride Foundation relies on private donations, grants, and local businesses for our efforts. The Hudson Pride Foundation is a registered 501(c)3, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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