The Lavender Blues

A Musical Revue Written and Performed by Sarah S. Kilborne

The Lavender Blues is a showcase of queer music before World War II. It is music history. It is queer history. It is women's history. It is entertainment. It is life.

"Girls were girls and boys were boys when I was a tot. Now we don't know who is who or even what's what!" (Gwen Farrar, 1926)

With The Lavender Blues, modern cabaret performer Sarah Kilborne brings to light for the first time the quiet, yet powerful emergence between the world wars of songs that spoke about what it was like to be gay or "in the life."

The main mission of the Hudson Pride Foundation is to raise money for our scholarships. Going to college is expensive, and while our scholarships will not cover all of the costs or even most of the costs it will at least cover some of the costs. Every little bit helps. Why do we focus on education? Because an educated mind is more likely to embrace equality, fight for justice, and push back against prejudice, bigotry and misinformation. An educated mind is an open mind. We strive to open more minds. -The Hudson Pride Foundation

Sam Engel
2015 Graduate of Chatham High School. He will be attending Gettysburg College in the fall.

Sam will be receiving "The Hudson Pride Foundation Scholarship sponsored by The Barlow".


Nick Ganey
2013 graduate of Hudson High School. Nick will be receiving his THIRD Hudson Pride Foundation Scholarship.

This year, Nick will be the recipient of the "Hudson Pride Foundation Volunteer Scholarship" presented by the Hudson Pride Foundation Board of Directors. He will be entering into his Junior Year at Boston University.

Amber Harris
2015 graduate of Hudson High School. She will be attending the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in the fall.

Amber will be receiving the "Hetrick Martin Institute/Hudson Pride Foundation Scholarship" that will be presented by Mr. Thomas Krever, CEO of the Hetrick-Martin Institute.

Lauren Borosky
2012 graduate of New Lebanon High School. Lauren graduated from Siena College in 2015 as Valedictorian! (and she did it in 3 years!) She will be starting her Masters program at Sage College in the fall.

Lauren will be receiving the Hudson Pride Foundation "Sky Painter Scholarship", sponsored by Carla Sadoff & Fidelity

Past Hudson Pride Foundation Scholarship Winners

2014: Lauren Borosky, Nick Ganey, Rachael Seider, Claire Villanova
2013: Lauren Borosky, Charlie Ferrusi, Nick Ganey, Rachael Seider
2012: Lauren Borosky, Charlie Ferrusi, Rachael Seider
2011: Charlie Ferrusi
2010: Charlie Ferrusi, Timothy Howard

To date, The Hudson Pride Foundation has given out $18k in scholarships!  Thank you to all of you for your support.

Hudson Pride just won Columbia County's Best Community Event Summer.

The event was organized and sponsored by the Register-Star, Chatham Courier and the chamber. Newspaper readers and chamber members voted for their favorite businesses online and by ballot in 90 categories of including the best of community, night life, arts and culture, shopping, food and drink and services.

The Dignity for All Students Act

As advocates for young LGBT kids and youth in general, we are strong advocates for the Dignity for All Students act that was passed & implemented state-wide in July 2012. We are posting this 2013 updated DFAS amendment to encourage schools & parents to enforce this law.

ALL students should feel safe in school. ALL NY schools must abide by & enforce this law. Kids are counting on us to have their backs. Let's not let them down.

Link toNew York State’s Dignity for All Students Act
The Dignity Act
Guidance for Local Implementation

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